Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is our traditional menu for Thanksgiving. I don't experiment much at Thanksgiving--the family wants their old favorites--but I do change the sweet potato recipe. No one likes them very much except for my mom and me, so I keep trying to find something that will win over Jim and Phillip. Nothing has tempted Phillip, but I think that Jim likes the roasted sweet potatoes the most. I tend to do the smallest turkey possible and add side dishes and courses if we have more people. My grandmother would certainly have added heavenly hash to the table, as well as some kind of greens and probably some black eyed peas, and a corn casserole.
Ama B would have some hot,curried fruit (Use the sweet potato and apricot recipe. Omit the sweet potatoes, and add fresh or canned fruits and a little curry powder to taste.)

Pancetta and winter squash soup or shrimp remoulade

Roast turkey
Cornbread dressing
Green bean casserole
Homemade cranberry sauce
mashed potatoes
Roasted sweet potatoes, or sweet potato casserole
Ama B's creamed onions

Mimoi's pecan pie
pumpkin pie

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