Sunday, August 02, 2009

Greek (style) menu

This is probably Jim's favorite menu. We had this last night with our friends Joe, Marybeth, and Hank (Debbie was out of town). We didn't have baklava. I made a peach cheesecake instead because peaches are so delicious right now. Mary Beth brought an incredible Kentucky Derby pie filled with chocolate and pecans. She also brought a delicious insalata caprese for an appetizer. I know that it's not Greek, but tomatoes and basil are so wonderful right now that this was a perfect starter. For a more Greek appetizer, buy or make some hummus and tzadziki sauce and serve with pita chips. You can also do a nice platter of olives, roasted peppers, and pickles. If you can buy good baklava, I would definitely buy that as well. In Knoxville I can't get decent baklava, so I have to make it.

Appetizers-hummus, tzadziki, or eggplant dip with pita chips

Lemon and garlic grilled pork

Greek salad

Orzo with spicy tomato sauce (the link for this is with the grilled pork recipe)

Green Beans with dill


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